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Hip Hop, Indie, Roots

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360, Pez, Horrorshow, Remi, Allday, David Dallas

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AL and the Pigeon


Shakka, Kev Decor, Bazzi, Yonas, Jon Bellion, Kid Cudi

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Brendon Moon



SHABBA Music is incredibly proud to announce the release of Sydney based hip-hop duo, AL and the Pigeon's third single, "Phantasm" which has been released, exclusively to triple j Unearthed.

The combination of the songwriting prowess of AL and the underground and atmospheric production supplied by the Pigeon, has delivered a high-quality sound and ominous concept, that separates the Sydney duo's project from that of their contemporaries.

The single introduces another character into the fray, that of Mr Nightmare. Fitting for a Halloween release, Mr Nightmare is one of the central antagonists of The Album, a character whose sole purpose is to haunt the dreams of his prey.

"Phantasm" features chilling pads and a foreboding, melodic chord progression that really sets the tone for the single. AL's vocals sit perfectly over the swinging, rhythmic breakbeats, which really heighten his flawless flow and delivery.

In rapper/songwriter AL's own words:
"This song was one of the very first tracks I wrote for The Album and as a result, it set the tone for the entire project. The exchange between the protagonist and Mr Nightmare, the motive behind Mr Nightmare's actions and the sympathy you may feel towards him, is what gives this track depth and makes it so special to me."

The debut project has been five years in the making from production, writing and recording through to the artwork for each track. The fastidiousness and desire for perfection is evident in the pristine sound with well-defined bass, ambient keys and clear vocals. The pair deliver on high quality sound but the clincher lies in AL’s impressive song-writing.

The conceptual story behind The Album shines on each track, taking listeners on a journey filled with metaphorical characters. This sets the debut project apart and prevents this from being just another Aussie rap album.

There’s something cinematic about the storytelling that makes you feel like you are a part of something revolutionary.

AL and The Pigeon's debut project, The Album, is out December 1st.


Review by Declan Byrne Declan Byrne

03 Apr 2020

Triple J

dusty production, pop moments and some classic story telling raps.

dusty production, pop moments and some classic story telling raps.