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Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Beck, Van Halen, Elliott Smith

band members

Alex Dean


Outkast, Sufjan Stevens, simply red


Sydneysider Alex Dean has spent the last couple of months busily putting together the last bits and bobs of his debut EP “No History”, due for release early 2012. His first solo cut, produced at Def Wolf Studios by prolific Sydney producer Dave Hammer and Sydney musician Alicia Dawson, represents a sonically bold showcase of songs that range from moments of grimy, whiskey tinged veranda country to... segments of raw fragility. Predominantly written in the heart of a typically frosty Melbourne winter, the parts of the EP became pieced together on his grandfather’s old battered nylon string acoustic guitar and his severely spluttering laptop on its very last legs. Several months along, the resulting sound has been compared to early Beck efforts while displaying elements of modern contemporaries such as Bon Iver and The Antlers. With a background nestled in the ever familiar story of jazz school graduate turned solo artist, Dean’s underlying pull towards music always returns to the art of writing honest songs and is thrilled to release his first solo work.