Artist info


Electronic, Pop

Sounds like

Solar Fields, Tipper, The Dandy Warhols

band members

Alice SpaceDoll - producer, singer, songwriter


The Dandy Warhols, Tipper, Hexfire


Alice SpaceDoll, of the Sun - reincarnated onto planet Earth, Australia, July 1988. Inspired by the Universe, love, light, colour, psychedelic experiences, ear twisting sounds, the human (and not so human) mind and all things in Creation, she is on a super space mission from the Sun to help, heal and inspire the Earth and it's beautiful beings. Oozing other worldly vibrations, Alice SpaceDoll creates her unique sound using electronic beats, psychedelic melodies and effects as well as acoustic instruments such as live drums, guitars and percussion. But the most beautiful sound incorporated into this cosmic mix is her voice - the ambient, haunting but sweet resonance and intention behind her channeled lyrics help to heal, inspire and awaken the light within us all. ..