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Hip Hop, Roots

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Life Savers

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Mc's Anton, Audible (battle hardened mic destroyers), the infamous Dj Buick (canberra dmc champion x3) & MC, Proudcer, Beat Maker Caratgold.


Phi-Life Cypher, Brother Ali, One Below


Supported the likes of Jungle Brothers, Braintax, Delta, Mystro, Scottyburns, Phrase, Delta, Reason plus a bunch more dope acts.. AMC have have been a household name in Hip Hop in Canberra during the mid 2000's. But never having dropped an album became a big drawback to there natural progression. With over 30 tracks recorded the next big push was never achieved due to individual commitments to travel, work and family. But as individuals they have never stopped loving, supporting and making hiphop music in their own right.