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Sylosis, slayer, Warbringer

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Greg Challis - Lead Guitar and Vocals, Kyle Simpson - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, Sean Grubel - Bass, Ryan Quarrington - Drums


testament, metallica, Mastodon


Since forming in early 2010, ALKIRA have made a name for themselves as a young group of talented musicians with a brutal live show. Hailing from the small country town of Strathalbyn in the Adelaide Hills, this four-piece metal band have taken inspiration from all eras and incarnations of heavy metal and punk, with particular roots in old-school thrash, to developed a unique sound which can be appreciated by all music fans. After gigging consistently throughout 2010/11 and finally settling on a stable line-up, ALKIRA released their debut EP "Down From the Hills" in March of 2012. In support of this they embarked on a mini-tour to Melbourne, which included an infamous show with Frankenbok at the Cherry Bar. Later that year they landed the support slots for American heavy metal legends Fear Factory and US thrashers Warbringer, receiving great receptions from crowds who had not previously witnessed this young thrash metal band. So far, 2013 has seen ALKIRA play two headlining shows in Perth as well as the inaugural Blacken The Globe Festival in Alice Springs, headlined by King Parrot. In May they supported legendary Australian thrashers Hobb's Angel of Death and were also included in the line-up for Adelaide's biggest metal festival in recent history, 'The New Dead #4', alongside some of Australia's most successful bands, including: Psycroptic, The Amenta, Ne Obliviscaris, Frankenbok, Ouroboros and more. The coming months will see the release of their second EP 'Red Devil', mixed and mastered by Darren 'Jenk' Jenkins (Deprivation, Mortal Sin), launched in Adelaide in late June with LORD, Truth Corroded and more, an opening slot for US party thrashers Municipal Waste, and an appearance at 'Dead of Winter Festival' in Brisbane. This will be followed by an east-coast tour in support of 'Red Devil' in July. Always keen to play gigs, no matter how big or small they may be, this young metal attack will always draw a crowd! For bookings, contact: Ryan on 0418560917 or at "Do a deal with the Devil" Bands we have supported: International: FEAR FACTORY (US) Warbringer (US) Australian: Psycroptic King Parrot Frankenbok The Amenta Ne Obliviscaris Ouroboros Hobb's Angel of Death Truth Corroded Double Dragon LORD Deprivation


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01 Feb 2014


When thrash meta...

When thrash metal first exploded onto the music world uninvited in the 80s it was seen as the scariest, noisiest, most evil musical incarnation in history. Fast forward thirty years and it's hard to imagine that was ever the case, and now thrash metal is enjoying a massive resurgence in popularity, particularly in Europe and America, where 'new-thrash' bands are proliferating at an astonishing rate. Not to be left behind, Australia is producing a number of modern Thrash bands, whose content tends toward the high quality end of the scale, especially the young men of Alkira, who hail from sunny Adelaide. Bubbling with the energy of youth, all four tracks on this album are immediately listenable without being disposable, Gregory's voice is a charismatic mid-range growl reminiscent of Max Cavalera, and the riffs are catchy and plentiful. The production is clear, strong and punchy, but most importantly, lacks the over-polish that kills so many modern metal recordings, and robs them of any life. Everything from mid-paced down-picked heaviness, to high speed Slayer-esque moments is present, with any number of moments where, frankly, if you're not headbanging, you must be dead, on an ep that fits an amazing amount of music into it's short time frame. The playing is all high quality, and the amount of time they have spent playing live and touring is on clear display, as this is a unit of musicians sitting square in the pocket. Put simply, if you love thrash metal you will love this ep, which proves that 'new-thrash' is not a reinvention, but a rediscovery by a younger generation breathing energy back into the genre, as only youth can. A must have for any serious Australian Metalhead.

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