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Electronic, Indie, Metal, Rock



Sounds like

My Disco, Tankerville, Isis, Mclusky, The Abominable Iron Sloth, Wicked City, TTTDC

band members

Dirt Bros.

Unearthed artists we like

Sacre Bleu!, A Friend Of Mine, Joe Forrester


All Of The Dirt All At Once is a heavy minimal duo from Melbourne featuring Davd Lees (that's spelled correctly) on guitar and Joe Forrester on drums. Like My Disco! on crack, AOTDAAO turns up the gain and cracks the snare just that little bit harder, creating a filthy, mostly instrumental sound-storm bordering on doom, thrash and post-metal. Their first single, 'Tennis', and accompanying video clip are inspired by Davd's genuine love of tennis. Their self-titled first album, recorded at Bakehouse Studios by Sam Lowe, is due out on November 10 and is being launched at the Old Bar on Saturday December 12 with friends Hownowmer and more TBA.