Artist info


Rock, Metal

Sounds like

Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Guns n Roses

band members

Sepy - Vocals, Jake - Guitars, Matty - Guitars, Phatty - Drums, Witty - Bass


Rising out of Canberra Australia in mid-2007, All Guns Blazing began in a tin shed on a cold winter’s night when Jake (guitars) and Pat (drums) came together after meeting through friends of friends. With the same aspirations and desires to play music, 3 more additions were made to the All Guns Blazing line-up when Sepy (vocals), Matty (guitars) and Zach (bass) all joined 2 weeks later. All Guns Blazing are an all out 80’s/90’s ball wrenching rock, where front man Sepy becomes one with the crowd as well as the music. This powerful, chest-thumping live show was first made public at the beginning of 2008. The enthusiasm, determination and commitment All Guns Blazing have shown by writing and recording a 3-track demo and polishing a professional live set, even before their first show, has found themselves sell-out every local show they have played since forming. Their influences include past and present legends of the music world such as Guns ‘N Roses, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and Rage Against The Machine. Pulling small facets from each of their influences in each song, All Guns Blazing have derived a fresh rock sound. 2008 has begun in the best way possible for All Guns Blazing. They hope to end the year on a higher note, aiming to write, record and release a full-length album combined with extensive touring from then onwards. After then, All Guns Blazing won’t just be selling out shows in Canberra.



Mega catchy song! listen and you won't be disappointed!

Mega catchy song! listen and you won't be disappointed!