Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Green Day, Anti Flag, The Flatliners, Against Me!, Brand New, Face To Face

band members

Simon Wilson - Guitar/Vocals, Shannon Davis - Guitar, Tom Saw - Bass, Lonny Finn - Drums


Green Day, Against Me!, Anti Flag, Face To Face


If energy could be captured in the form of music, it would sound like All We Need. A pop punk quartet hailing from Melbourne; Australia, All We Need create the kind of high energy tunes that sprung into the public consciousness in the form of mid 90's skate and surf videos.
But if you were expecting 10 songs that sound the same in under 30 minutes, you've underestimated this band. With a repertoire that includes fist pumping anthems, plaintive stripped back tales of self reflection, and thunderous rock tunes All We Need are not a band who restrict themselves through the boundaries of style. Their commitment to playing high energy shows in any location has seen them travel from their hometown in Melbourne to venues large and small across Australia. From anarchist bookshops to motocross races, from iconic Melbourne venues such as the Tote, The Croxton Bandroom, and 170 Russell St, to generator parties under bridges and outlaw biker clubhouses.
Over their career All We Need have shared stages with bands ranging from hardcore and metal to country and folk. Their sound includes elements of hard rock, punk, metal, and hardcore but with lyrics that explore the commonalities between people. Light and shade are examined in self reflection, heart ache and heart break is balanced by an optimism that shines like a spark in the gloom. The songs speak from personal experience as each of the members of All We Need have had to overcome their own demons and setbacks, but they provide the listener with a renewed sense of hope through the energy present in the music.