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Roots, Rock

Sounds like

Alotta Presha

band members

Y-Man (Drums) Goldie Horn (Sax) Life Aquatic (guitar, backing vox) Beast (lead vox, guitar) Zuess Bruce (bass) Davey Bones (T-bone)Mr MacNab (Trumpet) Dubby Waters (Keys)


Kora, Groundation, Fat Freddies


Sixteen’armed grrroove beast ‘ALOTTA PRESHA’ is Wollongong’s very own dub/reggae juggernaut. With the combination of soaring poetic based lyricism floating atop deep bass and ground-shaking rhythms, Alotta Presha is renowned for its sweaty dance pits and big time party starting. Since forming in 2009, the band continue to expand their sound more and furthermore, honing in on vibe-heavy elements which have woven their dynamics through dub-reggae and jungle funk to drum & bass and live dubstep, creating a rhythmic fusion that is entirely their own. Their groove-loaded performance has seen them playing events such as Rainbow Serpent, Regrowth fest, Foreshore, LoveJam, Wollombi, Viva La Gong; and playing along side Groundation, Katchafire, Kooii, OKA, Mount Mocha Kilimanjaro, Tijuana Cartel, Salt n Pepa, The Strides, King Cannons, Sticky Fingers and Kingtide. With their second EP available this September and plenty of shows on the cards Alotta Presha are a force not to be ignored.