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Electronic, Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Bring Me The Horizon, Hands Like Houses, Billie Eilish

band members

Daniel Cullen Richards - Vocals Daniel Wells Smith - Guitar Simon Aistrope - Guitar Declan Fry - Drums


Bring Me The Horizon, The Used, Architects

Unearthed artists we like

Inertia., Banks Arcade, Days Like These, Rumours, Windwaker



alt. is Daniel Cullen-Richards (vocals), Simon Aistrope (guitar), Daniel Wells-Smith (guitar), and Declan Fry (drums) from Adelaide, Australia. 2021 has already been an interesting year of new milestones from national touring, to successfully selling out the first vinyl pressing of debut EP ‘dysfunctional’ within a few hours. On top of this, Rumours and alt. last week announced a 7" shared split EP, which completely sold out in 10 minutes. Now, the band are sharing a personal new single and video, "Devil's Cut", marking the first track to release since their huge debut EP, 'dysfunctional'. The single is a personal release for vocalist Daniel Cullen-Richards, who wears his heart on his sleeve in this track that is ultimately about losing a father to alcoholism. "Devil's Cut' is more emotive, more personal and definitely more on the nose with its meaning," says Daniel. "The song is essentially airing dirty laundry, and it's painting someone I still care about in a negative light. But at the time, when I was writing this song, the subject matter was all consuming and it occupied every waking minute. Even seeping into my dreams. "Devil's Cut" is closure and is a sense of relief." "Devil's Cut" takes co-writing credits from Landon Tewers (The Plot In You), Marcus Bridge (Northlane) and alt., mixed and mastered by Callan Orr (Dream On Dreamer). "This was co-written with the absolute legend Landon Tewers," explains Daniel. "We were meant to travel to him or he was going to come to us to work together but due to travel restrictions it was facilitated entirely online. It was late nights and early mornings and we ended up in a love/hate relationship with this song." "We worked on it relentlessly ourselves and then continued to work online with our producer Callan Orr and Marcus Bridge to end up with the final product. Both of those guys really glued our parts together to create this final version." The accompanying video was shot completely in one impressive take, by Ashley Pollard and Benjamin Powell. Using Daniel's younger brother as his video counterpart, the video seamlessly transitions between the two brothers representing the past and present and visualising the lyrical context of "Devil's Cut". The anticipated EP, ‘dysfunctional’, was released independently by alt. in April 2020, written with the help of Trenton Woodley (Hands Like Houses), Jimmy Alexander and Luke McKenzie (Awaken I Am), Zachary Britt (Young Lions, Dream on Dreamer), and Chris Lalic (Windwaker); produced at Avalanche Studios by Callan Orr (Dream on Dreamer, Young Lions, Bad/Love). Since the release of 'dysfunctional', the record has clocked over a million streams with features on numerous Spotify editorial playlists, most notably New Music Friday with the release of "Pariah" before occupying the cover of ‘Rock Out.' for a couple of weeks. After a year off stage due to Covid, December 2020 saw alt. finally perform their long awaited EP launch to fans in Adelaide on an unanticipated scale. Bands to the likes of Belle Haven and Bad/Love invited the band to perform on their respective national tours in 2021, leaving audiences impressed by alt.'s unique and energetic performance. With new music on the horizon, there's no sign of alt. slowing down.


Review by Tommy Faith Tommy Faith

27 Jul 2021

Triple J

Biiiiiig vocal here from Alt who are determined to have both a supremely difficult to google band name and a stadium ready sound for when those stages open up again.

Biiiiiig vocal here from Alt who are determined to have both a supremely difficult to google band name and a stadium ready sound for when those stages open up again.