Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

The Fratellis, Nirvana, The Vines

band members

Liam Brennan - Guitar/Vocals Luke Reeves - Bass Guitar Lachy Brown - Drums/Vocals Tom Attard - Guitar/Vocals


British India, Jet, The Black Keys


Altitude is an indie garage rock band from the sunny Surfcoast of Victoria. The 4 piece outfit are creators of crushing guitar riffs, sharp melody hooks and dancey drum beats - Spinning singalong tunes that have entertained crowds from Geelong, Melbourne & Angelsea to festival goers at Australia's own Homebake (Sydney). Releasing their debut EP in 2013 Altitude has received radio success with lead single "Badada" which has been described as a 'must buy' and how "releases like this keeping rock & roll alive in Australia." - Forte Mag