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Indie, Roots

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Amanda Kay-writer vocals guitar, Richard Ferrari-trombone, Gavin Manikus-sax, Fiona Ellwood-percussion, Michael Laman Thomas-cello, Reginald Mulva-bass, Joel Watson-trumpet, Peter Cox-harmonica (and engineer) and Yani-  backing vocals


Foo Fighters, Diana Krall, Randy Newman



Amanda Kay and The Crews style is enticing and unique. The sound is a blend of genres including latin, reggae and funk influences...though it mostly gets called smooth. The eclectic crew Amanda brought together for this recording all come from different sections of the music industry. Amanda herself is indie, Reginald Mulva(bass) from lead guitar in a metal band (on bass), Fiona Ellwood (percussion)feels like a skiffle, zydeco, Cajun combination, Mike (Cello) is classily trained and plays anything, Gavin Manikus(sax) is jazz, latin and funk, Richard (trombone) and Joel (trumpet) from big brass bands and broadening there styles performing indie, gypsy and jazz with many musical people, Peter is a folkie and Yani is a choir girl. With this unusual group Amanda has successfully coloured her latest songs that have both laughter and tears. She has reached a stage in her journey where as her music reaches the audiences ears a quiet hush descends on the crowd. People are drawn in by her sultry tone, and stimulating lyrics. She is a story teller with words that everyone can feel. Her touch on the nylon string makes it sing sweetly, then become sharp and bright suiting the ebb and flow of the songs. Her journey through the world has not been an easy road and the passion she holds inside is like a phonix released when she sings. In 2011 she performed with The Tranformers Choir, The Reclaimers orchestra, sat in with The Rockwiz Orchestra and played her own music with The Crew. She performed at Woodford Folk Festival, The National Folk Festival, The Queensland Festival, The Brisbane Festival and she was privileged to meet and play with Rohan Marley (Bob’s son) on his brief visit to Australia. Rohan commented "She knows her chops" and joined her on the egg in a performance of 'The Election Song" an original reggae song. Amanda was also interview on the George Negus show and has become a recognised visual artist, creating musical artworks. Some of her works have been used on CD covers including Peter Vance’s latest Jazz release. The highlight of the year was singing and playing guitar for the Dalai Lama at a private luncheon during the happiness conference, where he took time from his schedule to come and say hello. He said 'You and me, and me and you, and you and me,... we are the same'.