Artist info


Rock, Punk

Sounds like

Black Flag, King Crimson, QUOTSA

band members

DB - bass, Adrian B - drums, Dave Whip - guitar, Sebastian - vo


Grinderman, Kyuss, Big Black

Unearthed artists we like

Mind Over Matter, The Thrusts


Four dapper young gentlemen, former members of Hazchem, The Stars and Guiltfilter, started jamming in a rug factory in Melbourne's eastern suburbs to stay out of trouble. 10 riff based high energy songs were quickly written over 4 jams then honed and trimmed and now here we are. A few gigs around Melbourne have produced mostly stunned reactions, possibly as the lead singer is a heterosexual cross-dresser who loves Pris from Blade Runner like outfits and goes mental on stage. There seems to be a brit-punk attitude creeping in to our grungy dirty rock'n'roll, like Cosmic Psychos on uppers with the political apathy of The Clash. We all have jobs so its good fun and hopefully no-one gets hurt.