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Ben Howard, Damien Rice, The National, Keaton Henson

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vocals/Piano/Guitar- Jan Prasil, vocals/Guitar - Josef Prasil


Passenger, Ben Howard, Damien Rice

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Acoustic duo Josef and Jan Prasil, who together form AMISTAT are hitting the road around Australia this February and March to celebrate the upcoming release of their debut album, 'Parley' out Friday 4th March 2016 via MGM Distribution.
Originating from Germany, the twins Josef and Jan are not unfamiliar with Australia, having packed their rucksacks and relocating here in 2013 to rekindle a deep mutual love of music. Since then, they have chiseled away at Australian audiences with their acoustic set; heard largely on the streets of Melbourne. Whoever has experiencedAMISTAT and their wonderful experience, live on stage or busking, is touched by the emotional investment in their music.
Born with the intimacy only twins share, Josef and Jan produce a unique synergy through the use of tightly knit harmonies, shaped by an honest, storytelling vocal tone. The pair are able to communicate their inspirations, drawn from a life on the road; infusing their sentiments, hopes and ambitions to develop a unique and honest message to their audiences.
Highlighting their individuality, the brothers bring together their contrasting musical styles and personalities to create a balanced sound, which is soaked in melancholy.