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Sounds like

job for a cowboy, The Black Dahila Murder, See You Next Tuesday

band members

Luke - Vocals, Brad - Guitars, Bryce - Drums, Josh - Guitars, Sam, Bass


Early 2008 saw 5 guys spawning from across the east coast of australia came together in Brisbane, QLD to form what is now known as a AMONG THE VANISHED. ATV are a Deathmetal/Grindcore band feeding from influences such as, The Black Dahila Murder, Job For A Cowboy and Annotaions Of An Autospy. After their first stint at touring in april 08 ATV will hit studio 454 (Brisbane) to record their Debut EP which is set for release in June of 2008. Keep a constant eye out for upcoming shows as ATV will be heavily on the move through out the year to come.