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Amory Beech


Lana Del Rey, Night Travellers, Lord Huron



Amory Beech continues with his practice of self-acceptance through alt-pop collaborations. His latest single, Driver Roulette a linear portrayal of reclaiming connections via positivity.
Driver Roulette is Amory Beech’s fourth single, addressing catholic guilt, his battle with alcoholism, sexuality, mental health and being able to harness your recklessness into something bigger than one’s self. The hook derived from his alternate experiences of Sydney: once as a repressed self loathing gay teenager at World Youth Day which didn’t make him feel accepted or loved in comparison to his second time which was completely different experience for him as he felt acceptance, home, and love.
An instinctual improvisation during the writing and recording of the song resulted in a poetic mirroring of his experiences, a linear path of growth and an elevated sense of deliverance. The mid-tempo, soft-focus verses holding the tension until blooming into a release of space and light, as Amory Beech recalls “I remember being so close to giving up when I was recording myself singing to the beat. I said to myself just go for one more take. And that’s the take I used. I stopped worrying and thinking about it. I cut out most of the song's lyrics and went for an outro chorus cause that’s what happened in the live take and it felt right.”
Amory Beech is the stage name of James Walker an award winning short filmmaker, winning Best Editing at the Sydney Indie Film Fes4val and the Jury Prize at Port Shorts Film Festival. He has pursued his passion on the side while working in Marketing for Australia’s biggest recycled plastic company. At 24, he left to live in Vancouver, Canada and worked on numerous television shows including The Good Doctor, The Magicians, The Flash and UNreal, before returning to Australia to focus on his music.
Driver Roulette navigates historic detours with humility and an unwavering desire to move onwards with ever greater momentum.

Amory Beech is a stage name created to pay homage to his mother, and to Avicii, who Amory Beech says he is inspired by. He also wanted the name to invoke the idea of the beach that exists both in the world and in his mind. His music explores the themes of home, nostalgia, and freedom.