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Indie, Pop

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Amy Newton-Banks - vocals, guitar


sarah blasko, The Waifs, jewel

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The Belle Curve


Amy Newton-Banks has been writing and recording music since she figured out how to hit the record button on her panasonic cassette recorder. Her music can be both uplifting and melancholy. All that know her will recognize that her music is a true reflection of self and character, articulating a reality that comes with personal understanding and reflection. Since arriving on the live music scene in Newcastle several years ago, and now performing around the Sydney music circuit, Amy has supported big names such as Liam Finn and has come into her element, knowing how to truly captivate an audience whether playing at a packed hotel, café or an outdoor festival. With a beautiful voice and dynamic melodies it is hard to walk away from one of Amy’s shows without feeling moved or in some way touched. Her raw and sincere songs are driven by a single acoustic guitar, which provides the perfect platform for her tales of the world as she sees it. Based primarily on life experience and touching on social commentary, Amy’s songs are delivered with vivacity and thought in an aptly expressive style. In addition to her solo performances Amy is the lead singer of alternative rock band The Belle Curve who are steadily making their mark on the Newcastle music scene, having shared the stage with Kate Miller-Heidke, Black Market Rhythm Co, and The Seabellies, amongst others. Amy released her debut EP, “Stepping Stones and Pop-up Books” in 2008, a six track record highlighting Amy's eclectic style of song writing. The release of this EP has seen Amy venturing up and down the coast of NSW with her guitar in tow, unfolding many new songs along the way. Checkout her website for more pics, news & updates and to join her mailing list!


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31 Oct 2008


this ttractiv little folk/pop tune will have you swooning and wanting more....much, much more

this ttractiv little folk/pop tune will have you swooning and wanting more....much, much more