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Indie, Pop, Roots

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Emiliana Torrini, Massive Attack, Air, PJ Harvey

band members

Amy Vee - vocals, guitars, keys, synth, violin Gareth Hudson - everything else Andrew Sampford - keys, synth, vocals (on tour)



Singer-songwriter Amy Vee has emerged from isolation with a disquieting new single, imploring listeners to get out of their own heads.

The track, “Forget Me”, is available on all music streaming platforms now:

Touring musicians were some of the first and hardest hit by the recent pandemic, all of whom experienced a shocking halt to their careers in March, and whose livelihoods still hang in the balance.

Newcastle-based artist Amy Vee was no exception.

“2020 was supposed be the second leg of my album tour (2019’s Same Skin). We had a bunch of festival spots booked and I was just starting to plan more tour dates. I actually resigned from my other job in mental health in February to focus on touring. Then all hell broke loose. Within about a week, everything I was planning was just gone,” said Vee.

Faced with having to juggle her 6-year old’s distance learning, raising a toddler, post-graduate studies and volunteer work as a Board Member for music and mental health charity, Listen Up Music, Vee was adamant about finding time to be creative. Vee scheduled weekly songwriting sessions and experimented with solo home recording.

But for one song in particular, Vee sought a more refined sound. As restrictions relaxed, Vee booked in time with long-time producer Gareth Hudson of Hazy Cosmic Jive studio, and got to work on crafting the new track – a veritable anthem for introverts.

“For people like me, isolation can be both a blessing and a curse,” said Vee.

“I’m a quiet person. I don’t mind my own company for the most part. But sometimes it’s dangerous. I have a tendency to overthink and I naturally fall into the darker spaces in my mind. It can get overwhelming and emotionally exhausting. And it can be hard to get out of the spiral on my own,” she added.

“We built the song around my demo and really just tried to capture that feeling of being desperate to connect but too stuck in your own head,” said Vee.

“It’s dark, but it’s honest,” said Vee. “I think there’s an expectation for arts to ‘cheer us up’ at the moment, but we are feeling this as much as anyone.”

With the live music industry likely to also be the last to recover, it has never been more important to support local music creators.

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Listen Up Music – national music and mental health charity

Covid-19 mental health resources for individuals

Support Act Wellbeing Helpline – 24/7 helpline for performing artists workers
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Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

13 Aug 2019

Triple J

Impressively full bodied folk from Amy Vee - it's got a distinctive feel to it.

Impressively full bodied folk from Amy Vee - it's got a distinctive feel to it.