Artist info


Roots, Rock

Sounds like

The Cat Empire, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rage Against The Machine

band members

Anders Cassidy (Drums, Percussion, Vocals) Felicity Lawler (Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals) Jules Cottone (Bass, Vocals)


George Clinton/Parliament Funkadelic, Rage Against The Machine, Ween


Formed in August 2004, Anarchist Duck is a tight trio of Gold Coast funksters: Flawless (guitar, trumpet, vocals) and Jules (bass and vocals) of Bertha Control fame and Arno ‘ani’ Cassidy (drums, percussion & vocals). Their music is a quirky blend of hard funk-rock grooves with reggae, ska and Latin flavourings. The Anarchist Duck sound has been described as “the lovechild of a meeting between Rage Against the Machine and The Beautiful Girls” and their live show is a tighter-than-ever explosion of powerful lyrics, spell-binding guitar riffs and wild drum breaks. A year and a half after hatching, the Duckies recorded a 6-track EP “Watch Out” with producer Paulie B (M8sr8ts records and George fame) which captures the energy and musical precision of their early work. Guest trumpeteer Jake O’Brien (The Black Market Rhythm Co) spiced three of the tracks with his own Mexicana/Miles Davis feel. Anarchist Duck’s live performances inspire crazed crowd participation and create an upbeat vibe with dancing aplenty. Their concerts have been received with thunderous applause and ongoing demands for encores. They play regularly on the Coast and Brisbane. The funk revolution is coming, so watch out for the Anarchist Duck… Anarchist Duck has played in venues in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast and Northern NSW including: