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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Our Lady Peace, Marcy Playground, Sparklehorse

band members

Thomas Hutchins - Vocals/Guitar


Our Lady Peace, Sparklehorse, Pearl Jam, The Killers



My name is Thomas Hutchins and I am a singer/songwriter/musician and the creator of ANCIENT SADNESS. I have loved music since I was a young child and my parents bought me my first guitar. I've been playing and writing songs ever since. Over the years I have played in a number of bands and worked with many talented musicians. A few years ago I decided to spend more time working on my own music as a solo act. I worked on writing, recording, mixing, performing, and so much more. Every piece of knowledge I absorbed helped to bring me closer to finding my voice as an artist and leading me to discovering my sound. ANCIENT SADNESS is the result of my journey. It is my way of sharing my music. I currently play around Newcastle - Australia, and my songs are stripped down to just me and my guitar. I plan on expanding my project into a full band in the near future so I can play my songs live as I hear them in my head or as they are in my recordings. In this new era of music and production the roles have been blurred and a musician often has to be capable of more than just playing songs. I have embraced this and use my passion for recording, mixing, photography, film making, design, and more to create and share my music with the world. I love being able to see my projects come to life from a simple idea through to their release. I work from my home studio "Twin Thought Studio" as a producer/mixer/creative consultant. I started the studio as a way of recording myself and making my own media, such as - film clips/artwork/website design/etc. Over time it has grown into something more. I now record other musicians as well as help with other areas of projects including - film clips/photography sessions/design/and more. I am currently working on releasing my first full length album which has been an amazing learning experience. I also love interacting with fans and other musicians/creative people, so feel free to say hi! Thanks, have an amazing day! - Tom