Artist info


Rock, Electronic

Sounds like

Regurgitator, The Cure

band members

Anders Keys - Bass, Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Programming


Regurgitator, black sabbath, The Cure

Unearthed artists we like

FNC, Return To Sirius


Anders Keys formed And_us in Sydney in 2002, after 6 years of solo writing, and since then has put together four independent albums with appearances from close friends and relatives. He uses a mix of catchy bass, programmed beats, synth and vocals to generate a unique blend of sounds and styles reminiscent of 90’s rock, funk, drum n bass, old skool metal and modern day pop. And_us is heavily influenced by The Cure, Regurgitator, Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, AK1200, and The Meanies, as well as classic country and easy listening. This diverse taste is reflected in the equally remarkable sound of And_us, which subtly combines these very different musical foundations into a contemporary blend of the last three decades of alternative genres. Currently working on a new album and a live show, And_us is directed by freedom of choice, and as an independent artist values the ability to make important decisions about the music: “I guess I like to be my own boss - I can do things my way and not have someone telling me what to do and changing the direction of the band” says Anders. This ethos is very much what And_us is about – not just another mass-produced pop record, but an experience and an expression of taste and independence.