Artist info


Indie, Electronic

Sounds like

The Twelves, The Naked and Famous, MIAMI HORROR

band members

Andrew Crowe - Song writer vocals, guitar, producer


m83, Passion Pit, Birds

Unearthed artists we like

MA , Okemah , Dirt Boy , Tom Crowe , ALMOST ALWAYS , BO


I make songs for fun and for friends. I get Claryssa to sing on these unearthed ones. I'm seventeen and think fun and hype are great Here's an interview I did once Also like the facebook page Yew!


Reviewed by Lewi McKirdy Lewi McKirdy

17 Jun 2013

Triple J

V nice duet! Cla...

V nice duet! Claryssa contrasts your glossy, 4 to the floor bangers with her aerial voice. Sounds good. Cool pan flutes too.

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Reviewed by Rosie Beaton Rosie Beaton

05 Dec 2012

Triple J

you are the happ...

you are the happy song anthem king - say hi to Terrigal beach for me

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Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby ...

31 Oct 2012

Triple J

After two or thr...

After two or three really promising tunes you've delivered your best one yet - in my opinion at least. I can certainly hear your influences in here but with much more going on and a determinedly beef'd up production. This is a serious home run.

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