Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

darren hanlon, Josh Pyke, Emiliana Torrini

band members

Andrew Fleming - all


Wilco, AIR

Unearthed artists we like

the subs, Moonburnt


One computer a bedroom and a microphone are all that stand between Andrew and the music you hear. Having played in many bands over the years Andrew had an epiphany one day. He realised that his true talent was being dulled by pesky band mates dragging on his coat tails and preventing him from reaching the stardom he truly deserved. He decided to ditch the whole 'collaboration' thing and, having no discernable DJing 'skillz', decided to embark upon a musical journey of self-discovery.... abet completely alone. With an honest and relaxed storytelling style Andrew's music is instantly accessible yet different and intellectual. Probably a great talent, and possibly the greatest musical composer in the history of mankind, Andrew is set for big things.... I think.