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Rock, Electronic

Sounds like

Gang Gang Dance, Erasers, Konono No 1

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Andrew Sinclair


Summer in Perth, world music, Black Wall Reach


The forces of Nature and Nurture combine to inform the creation of EVIL SUMMER. Andrew Sinclair's life has been one of musical obsession - from playing Cello in Primary School, to a High School music scholarship, to studying composition at WAAPA - eventually leading to stints in Perth bands Shock! Horror!, and Erasers. It's also been a life full of the unique, exhilarating, and melancholic moments that happen when growing up in Western Australia. These two elements of a life story thus far, intertwine to create a complex story, an ode to this vast, strange land. Album title aside, EVIL SUMMER is not the jaded, cynical take on Perth some have come to expect. Joyous tribal rhythms echo the footsteps of kids running through sweltering suburban nights on "Tribute to Omar & David." Synth sounds positively glow throughout the title track, then spray in sudden stabs of radiance on the two "Cliff Jump" interludes. "Deep Ocean Sands" even toys with reverb drenched surf guitar, before returning to the burbling keyboards and afrobeat drums of the tracks before it. As all of this might suggest, tagging this album with a buzzword or genre is difficult. You could use words like lo-fi or chillwave, but the production is too lush, the beats too addictive and hypnotic. It's like synth-wave-drone-pop, but less, and more. It's melancholic and haunting, full of humid layers of sounds and ritualistic vocals, but ultimately, Andrew Sinclair's debut solo album EVIL SUMMER is an uplifting experience. It's being released in mid June 2011 by envelope-pushing Perth imprint OWLS