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band members

Tessa Richards - Vocals/ lead guitar, Emma Mallory - Bass/ vocals, Laura Maccormack - Drums


Placebo, bush, Smashing Pumpkins

Unearthed artists we like

NIKKO, Young & Restless, AERIALS


Combine passion and desire, with the relentless voices in her head, plug her heart into an amp and give her a guitar. Introducing, The Androgyny are a 3 piece all girl rock band from Brisbane, Australia. Formed by Tessa Richards (Vocals/Guitar) and Emma Mallory (Bass) the band went thru a couple of incarnations and drummers before being joined by Laura Maccormac (Drums). With similarities to other female rock acts like Hole and Magic Dirt already made the band put their heart and soul into their music making their own sound. An original, haunting and addictive blend of sweet and sour pop and alternative rock. Having worked on their style and skills playing live around Brisbane they entered the studio to record their debut EP “I Don’t Desire Your Empire.” Working with Neil Coombe (The Grates, The Go Betweens and DZ DEATHRAYS) at the White Room Studio they came out with a 6 track EP which includes crowd favourites Not Your Heroine, Emily Jane and Like Air. With Mastering completed by Paul Gomersall (Blur, Kate Bush, Sinead O’Connor, Echo & The Bunnymen, Paul Weller and Jimmy Little) the EP is set for release in July 2012. “In my opinion if Placebo and Hole had offspring, what you would get is the three-piece girl band The Androgyny. Not only do they put on one heck of a great live show with their stage presence, their group dynamic is bloody amazing and undisputed making them the perfect girl band. Their music is often hypnotizing and will often leave you craving for more. It’s only a matter of time before these girls make it big.”