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Laken Angelik - Vox, Sam "Bullet!" Baroudi - Guitar, W. "Smashoff" Fortser - Skins, Pete "Bustamoves" Kearns - Bass/Guitar



The ANGELIK story started in Adelaide many years ago. The band instantly produced a unique issue driven hard rock sound. Hence the seeds of ANGELIK were sown! The band consists of rock diva Laken, axe slinger Sam Baroudi, skins thumper W. Shane Forster and bass meister Pete Kearns. Over the years ANGELIK have rocked a tonne of venues! When describing the sound of ANGELIK few words are necessary. Just picture in your head the dirty punk rock drilling attack of The Distillers or late 80’s Nirvana as fronted by Gwen Stefani’s evil twin on vocals and that’d be your monkey! (Spoz’s Rant) During its time ANGELIK has done some great stuff including many recordings, gigs, tours, supports and video clips… and there’s more coming up!

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