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Indie, Metal, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Ed Sheehan, Dido, Crowded House, Metallica with Sea Francisco Orchestra

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Crowded House, Seals and crofts, Bread, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Dire straits, Carol King, Adele

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G Flip, Harry Phillips



“Wow, she has some fire in her belly!” - Glenn A Baker; Journalist, editor, author, broadcaster

Angie Whiteley is a self-produced singer/songwriter. Through her career she has recorded and performed internationally, included in LA’s famed Cherokee studios, in China (including radio), and had a number 4 on the Italian charts with her song ‘Life like This’. Angie also wrote the song ‘Brightest Light’ which was used to support the ‘1 in 5’ Initiative raising awareness for youth mental health and depression.

Angie started writing songs at age 8 and sang publicly all through her formative years. Her influences are extremely varied as she grew up in a home where music of all kinds was honoured, from British pop, big band swing sounds with Frank Sinatra, to classical, country, RNB, disco and Maori culture songs etc. Due to this flood of influences Angie has written and produced everything from country ballads to EDM tracks.

Angie’s distinct blend of music styles sits in the same space as Ed Sheeran (for his acoustic based tracks and lyrical style), Adele (for her passion) and Dido for the electronic influences in varying degrees.

The first single release is ‘Rent Me’, about the realisation that a relationship will not go the distance.