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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

they eat their Weet-bix

band members

Alex, Kirk, Lana, Jesse, Buddha


Violent Soho, Pist Idiots, Sonic Youth, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, The Pixies, The Cure, Soundgarden



We are ANGRY PINEAPPLES a five piece alternative ensemble based out of Brisbane.

We happened like this...

Kirk & his guitar found Alex on a Gumtree. He was just hangin' on a branch with his drumkit looking for someone to play with. Kirk gave a shout out to his sister Lana who grabbed her bass. We all took a trip & found this future computer way out in space. Trapped inside this space tech box was a miniature guitarist named Jesse. Imprisoned in some program called Bandmix. He was speaking in binary. Mostly swearing and cursing. Lana cracked the code & entered 'free Nelson Mandela' in binary & the little guy sprung out in a fit of rage swearing fuck this and motherfucking that. We thought he'd calm his farm when we returned to Earth but the guy is still an angry fucker. At least he returned to full size when we fed him a couple of mushrooms. We put up with him cause he's one bad ass mo' fo' on the Strat! There was only one more piece to complete the set. We needed a singer. It's bloody hard to find a kick arse vocalist. Kirk & Lana knew a couple. The best of which was a reclusive type who didn't like to leave his Island. Kirk pestered him for weeks, texts, phone calls, sending him scratches. Eventually we gave him some of Old Man Percival's most potent Shine and he left his little Island without even knowing it. We flew his arse straight to the Redstar! 10 minutes in & we knew we had it. Buddha Phoenix completed the band.