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Nick Drake , Diana Cluck , joni mitchell, Syble Baylor , joan baez, Jose Gonzalez, LOWE

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Anna Cordell


joni mitchell, radiohead , nick drake, diane cluck, townes van zant, Rodriguez



"This breathy, dreamy folk-pop makes us wonder why we haven't heard much of Anna Cordell before. It's got a distinctly Australian feel, thanks to her unaffected voice, and the lavish arrangement courtesy of producer of Marty Brown makes it sound classy as hell. Cordell is the kind of artist who has the potential to be a firm favourite with Aussie audiences, we can't wait to see what happens." double J

Anna Cordell creates tender yet deceptively complex folk music that belies a childhood
spent learning the piano, guitar and musical theory.
Her voice is rich and tender yet lyrically her music is filled with angst and conflict an emotional impact that is heightened by her penchant for the minor key.
Anna's music drips with a surly introspection despite Cordell’s gentle strumming and soothing vocals. These droplets of menace come from the songs being written in the minor key,a song writing method Cordell shares with her main influences, Nick Drake, Townes Van Zant, Radiohead and Diane Cluck.

“I love the minor key and unresolved open chords. Writing songs in the minor seems to elicit an unspoken melancholy. The unresolved open chords are moments asking for resolution. They have the possibility of being led in a new direction...eventually this can resolve on a major chord the moment of reprieve, hope, relief,” contends Cordell.

Cordells music went and lost it's priority when she took on motherhood at a young age. She it would be impossible to balance both, and took up a career as a designer instead. However, after her 4th daughter Anna felt a dramatic urge to quit the business and be home with the kids full time. As an unexpected result, her desire for music returned to her just as dramatically, she formed a band and has been writing, recording and gigging profusely at some of Melbournes best venues since.


Review by Richard Kingsmill Richard Kingsmill

28 Nov 2019

Triple J

Invites you in, gives you a hug, you end up staying the night.

Invites you in, gives you a hug, you end up staying the night.