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Anthony Huttley - composition, production.


Jody Wisternoff, Robert Babicz, Guy J, Rich Curtis, Hernan Cattaneo



Anthony is not shy when it comes to taking his skills on the road and sharing his talent throughout the world. Born in the Whitsundays, Australia and newly recognized as a Japanese occupant, this is an artist that is always moving forward.

Leaving his reputation firmly cemented into the Brisbane nightlife, Anthony has held residencies at Fridays Riverside, Hotel Bravo, and the prolific Normanby Hotel which has been home to some of the biggest artists in the country. With his gaze now shifted to the Japanese underground, Australia mourns the loss of its home grown dance floor legend.

Hooked on beats that break boundaries from techno to progressive house, musicbyhux’s debut EP titled “My Way Home ” was released in December 2014 via Hi-Tech Records and is a fresh blend of all the deep sounds you want to hear accompanied by the smooth melodies that make the crowds move. As he continues his work in the studio putting together his signature mixes the “Juicy Frute" series and producing more originals to caress our ears with, the future is brighter than the strobe in your local nightclub for this musical talent.

The time ahead for musicbyhux reigns ahead of the game, with a smooth approach to the sound he delivers, this music advocate is in a league of his own, dominating one beat to the next.