Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Karnivool, Calling All Cars, Dead Letter Circus, Incubus

band members

Tim Gallaway - Guitar / Vocals Stewart Hume - Bass / Vocals Ned Cain - Drums / Vocals Bartholomew Charles - Vocals / Keys


Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, Incubus, Soundgarden, Pantera


Antimata (ann-tee-mah-ta), formed early 2015 in the Byron hinterland, are a melodic, progressive rock band with an unmistakable atmospheric feel, boasting a huge sound drawing influences from the likes of Karnivool, Incubus and Soundgarden.

Driven by Stewart Hume's soulful bass and monster drums by the animal himself, Ned Cain, Antimata will take you on a heart felt journey with their music, coloured by sweeping melodies and finger blistering solo’s from guitarist Tim Gallaway and glued together with narration from Bartholomew Charles’ powerful voice and impressive vocal range.

Antimata will ever so gently guide you to the top of the mountain and then out of nowhere kick you off the steepest cliff.

“Antimata will take you on a journey of epic dynamic proportions with their unique brand of Alternative Rock. Soaring vocal leads, tasty guitar work and a rhythmic engine room are eloquently combined to form the maelstrom of energy that is Antimata’s live show. Keep a keen eye trained on these lads…"
- Michael McKiernan, Evergreen Artists

“We came across Antimata and immediately contacted them about their song ‘Change’. It resonated perfectly for the “Holding On” movie we’re currently producing. We consciously wanted to use Australian music and knowing that the band has a connection to the body boarding culture was a real bonus. As a result, their song ‘Change’ will be used on the movie and potentially in the promotional trailer/s leading up to the November cinema release.”
- Simon Bruncke, Producer/Director Momentum 1 Productions.