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Anton's music career has spanned forty-one years, thirty-nine of which could be best described as a self-imposed hiatus (or alternatively a period in which he dropped out of Law School, got a job, got married and got rich). A talented but lazy lead vocalist who drank too much, he and his mates hung around the Melbourne punk and new wave scene of the late 70's dreaming of rock and roll stardom but not having a clue how to achieve it. Once described by a drunken associate as "The best bloody singer in Australia", up until his hiatus his career consisted of a failed audition with pub band The Flicks, the offer of an audition with pub band The Blue Scooters (his father declined the offer on his behalf because he was worried Anton might start taking drugs if he got the job) and several shambolic rehearsals with a band by the name of China Dolls who eventually morphed into the new wave band of the early 80's Wild Dog Rodeo (he was sacked before the band ever played a gig because, in his own words, "The rest of the band were terrified that my cherubic good looks and smooth modus operandi would result in them not getting a look in with the chicks"). Forty years on and Anton's career is well and truly back on track. Now a guitarist/songwriter of rare talent, his music has an edge to it that many covet but few achieve. The first thing you notice when you hear him play for the first time is how damned loud he is, but after a closer listen you realise what a great song smith and guitarist the guy is. This bloke's songs don't need lyrics (there aren't any), the stories he tells unfold majestically through the sounds produced by the Strat he belts around so unmercifully. An incredibly popular and highly sought after professional street performer in his home town of Warrnambool Vic (the local café owners and shopkeepers are queuing up for him to play in front of their premises), he has made live appearances on both of the town's FM radio stations and his 14 minute magnum opus 'Warrnambool Boogie' (yes 14 minutes!) has been played in its entirety by ABC local radio. After hearing this guy, people who already play guitar soon find themselves trying to sound just like him. If they don't already play, they invariably want to take it up and sound just like him too. SS