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Robert James Moulding - Lead Vocals, Lyrics, Percussion. David Eaton - Keyboards, Vocals. Doug Skene - Guitars, Vocals. Dean Bennison- Guitar, Vocals. Nick Antoinette - Bass Guitar, Vocals. Steven Eaton - Drums, Vocals.


pink floyd, King Crimson, radiohead


Anubis is a Progressive Rock band from Sydney in Australia. The band formed around the nucleus of songwriters Robert James Moulding (Vocals) and David Eaton (Keyboards), and features Steven Eaton on drums, Douglas Skene (Hemina) and Dean Bennison on guitars, and Nick Antoinette on bass. This combo recorded the critically acclaimed debut studio LP, '230503' in 2009, which was produced by guitarist Dean Bennison. The album has since gained a modest yet keen following and positive reputation worldwide, ranking high on 2009's 'progarchives' chart; voted 'album of the week' during June 2010 by 'musicwaves' in France; and included in the top 10 releases for 2010 by a number of online and print progressive rock media - one memorably claiming that '"albums like this make you believe in the future of prog-rock". Anubis' music remains dynamic, varied and cinematic in scope. The key being the contrast between introspective and delicate and aggressive and bombastic; the tonal and harmonic to all-out chaos. This single minded artistic vision, (which may have seemed a little grandiose for a largely unknown band when they started) seemingly resonated, as the enthusiastic response to their live shows and their music continues to be felt. In 2009, Anubis began an association with the Bird's Robe Collective who have been instrumental in exposing the band in Australia through appearances on the Menagerie, Featherfest and Progfest bills. This association has lead to Anubis' releasing their second album, 'A Tower of Silence' through Bird's Robe Records in the latter half of 2011 and the band touring Australia as guests of fellow Aussies, Inside-Out records signed Unitopia. A Tower Of Silence tells the story of the Earthbound spirit of an 11 year old pauper's daughter, lost inside the walls of the former Victorian workhouse she lived and died in, and how she came to be trapped there. It's possibly even more far-reaching than 230503 and displays a greater maturity in the songwriting, not to mention the benefit of three years of live performance. The eight songs demonstrate the band's ability to evoke mood, passion and narrative through their increased instrumental firepower and vocal harmonies. The album was released on September 23rd 2011, and demand was such that the band sold out of it's intitial production run within 8 weeks, selling over 200 copies in Germany in two days on word of mouth alone, despite the band having never been there. Indeed, the album has topped the 'Just For Kicks Music' chart for weeks on end and as of July 2012, is still in the chart as the #5 prog-rock album of 2011 and the #6 highest neo-prog rock release of all time. Quite an achievement for an unknown Australian act.