Artist info


Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop, Punk

Sounds like

Outkast, Kanye West, Major Lazer, Denzel Curry

band members

APE & man


“Ayo this shxt is, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!” screams APEman, a punk rapper exploring identity and duality through banging beats and thought provoking lyrics. At times introspective and personal, others absurd and bombastic, his style is littered with pop culture references and mythos.

Born and bred in Brisbane (AKA Nu-Meanjin) with mixed Bundjalung and Irish heritage, APEman has always struggled to find belonging in our confusing world. That is until he discovered the magic of digital media and began hurling music, visual art and videos out with primal fervor!

Since emerging from his cave onto the local scene in 2015, APEman has made a name for himself with a prolific release pattern and in your face live shows that break down the wall between performer and audience and always leave a strong impression. Influenced by the punk, hardcore and metal scenes growing up, he strives to bring that same intensity and energy to each show, inciting mosh pits and dance floors as he goes.

He’s been told he’s too honest on multiple occasions but that only fuels the fire. Unafraid to show himself in a less than perfect light, APEman can switch from confident to vulnerable to silly in a heartbeat, making for a wild rollercoaster ride of feelings and vibes as he takes you (willingly or not) into his own world.