Artist info


Roots, Metal

Sounds like

The Tea Party, John Butler Trio, Soundgarden

band members

Tony Rawcliffe - 12 String/Vocals, Aaron Farrant - Drums, Erica Thomas - Keys, Eamonn O'Boyle - Guitar, Tom Byrne - Bass


Opeth, A Perfect Circle, secret chiefs 3


For their first major recording, Proximity, Adelaide five piece Aphelion have brought together a mix of old and new with tracks such as Song of the Rose going all the way back to the very beginning, when the project was just Tone and his 12 string guitar. The two part Cycles and Revelations, on the other hand, is amongst the band's newest material, devised and shaped in the push and pull of a fresh line-up defining its sound. Through the many evolutions of Aphelion over the past four years, it has retained at its core the darkly resonant growl of the beautiful but occasionally menacing 12 string and vocal combination, as a bigger, more dynamic and complex sound has grown up around it. With ideas now flowing faster and freer than ever, the band is already focussed on new material, broadening their sound and continuing to evolve on their own unique path.