Artist info



Sounds like

Opeth, Between the Buried and Me, Meshuggah

band members

Dale Robinson - vocals; Sam Maher - lead guitar; Chris Rosiak - rhtyhm guitar; Jamie Harrison Brown - drums; Dwayne Murray - bass


Progressive Metal, Technical Death Metal, Groove Metal


Apparitions of Null knows how rare it is to find a band with a truly unique sound. With this in mind, they have striven to create music that is totally unmatched in today's scene. With compositions well exceeding 20 minutes, Apparitions of Null combine acoustic and classical guitars with melodic and technical death metal with a powerful sense of groove. Apparitions of Null can be fast-paced and aggressive, soft and smooth or dark and atmospheric and combine all these elements and more into vast, complex pieces for the thinking listener. Apparitions of Null recorded and released their first demo, 'Kaleidoscopes pt. I', in 2012 and within a few months were granted the chance open for Mnemic (DEN) at Whiplash Festival, were granted slots on the 2012 Progfest Compilation CD and The Euphony Fusion VI compilation CD by Welkin Entertainment and were given radio play on Poland's Radio Revolta. The 'Kaleidoscopes pt. I' demo is currently available for FREE DOWNLOAD from the band's Bandcamp page (accessible via facebook). The band is currently in the process of recording it's debut EP (to be announced soon!) whilst concurrently writing material for its first full-length album.