Artist info



Sounds like

bluetile lounge, Sandpit, Sigur Ros

band members

Jack Quirk, Daniel Burt, Matt Saville, Ambrose Nock, Justin Manzano


mogwai, mum, braving the seabed


After a long hiatus, Perth’s premiere instrumental pop magicians Apricot Rail are back with a gorgeous new song and music video. As if written to celebrate the start of spring, ‘Scarecrow’ is the sound of empty fields bathed in the early morning sun, buzzing with insects, birds and liminal activity. The song embraces Apricot Rail’s unique sound, featuring syncopated glockenspiel, Casio, melodica, guitars, and even the guzheng (a Chinese stringed instrument), and their inimitable talent for weaving multiple melodies into a shimmering tapestry of songcraft. The track is accompanied by a sumptuous music video by Perth’s Chad Peacock (Peacock Visuals).