Artist info


Rock, Metal

Sounds like

Dredg, cog, Foo Fighters

band members

Samuel Dales - Guitar and Vocals Paul Fitzgerald - Guitar Josh Larcombe - Bass Steven Frithall - Drums


Tool, Devin Townsend, cog



Apsis fuses hard rock with progressive musical ideas and infectious vocal melodies to generate a truly distinct sound. Based in Melbourne, the band has this year released their debut EP, โ€˜The Metra Wave.โ€™ The release sees the band quickly engaging the public with its haunting, yet direct execution. Apsis incorporates a wide range of sounds and dynamics into their debut, ranging from high-octane rock, to ambient acoustic. Produced and engineered by vocalist and guitarist, Samuel Dales, the EP showcases a band whose sound is astonishingly mature for their short existence. Forming in 2011, the band have already shaped a strong artistic chemistry together. Apsis are also making their presence felt on the live music scene, having recently performed at such iconic Melbourne venues as The Espy and The Prague. Their dynamic and engaging live shows are quickly earning them a reputation as a formidable live act. The band like to incorporate an evolutionary approach to their live performances and punters can often expect to be treated to extended versions of their songs. Apsis are already making plans for their follow-up EP and are looking forward sharing their musical progression with the world. The band are currently performing shows locally around Melbourne, and hope to venture interstate to spread the word about their music later this year. Check out their website, for further details.