Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

The Butterfly Effect,, A Perfect Circle, Karnivool

band members

Suzy Ferguson-vocals, Ash Fyfe-guitars ,Kris(Doc) Grondman-drums, Marki Miklic-bass


TOOL, Dream Theatre, sevendust, System Of a Down, Disturbed

Unearthed artists we like




Suz-"sorry Im late,2 kangaroos were having a domestic dispute in my driveway,I was blocked in." previous and current bands also involved with-EXILE,LUSTRE,SYLENT SCREAM Marki-"there is something magical about being an evil genius."-NITIDUS Kris-"when one headbangs,one gets in touch with their inner bogan."-NITIDUS,LUSTRE,ROMEO KNIGHTS,RIFF FIST Ash-" i just broke my own record.i wrote and recorded 127 songs in 4 hours."-NITIDUS 4 experienced muso's,known each other for years,shared bands at one time or another,all slightly/mostly crazy have come together and created a new music category-CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE. cos' thats what Arabelas songs are all about-they are a story,they take you on rock/prog. metal/eerie melodic ride.Oh yeah,and they know how to rock it out-PLAY IT LOUD B#%LSACK! LOUDER!! Only together writing tunes a little over a year Arabela has already written and recorded an album of ballsy,driven,ambient hypnotic songs and are ready to unleash there prog wave of awesome rock/metal across the country