Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Interpol, Divynals, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

band members

Adele; Bass, Vox Kris; Guitar Tash; Drums Stu; Guitar, Vo


Chameleons, Queens Of The Stone Age, Damien Rice

Unearthed artists we like

Buick Six, soma for kinder


Archives has existed in various guises for the past two years, however, it wasn't until the chance meeting of Adele [Vocals/Bass] and Kris [Guitar] at the Gaslight Hotel in the early hours of a Saturday Morning 2007, that the ball really got rolling. Over a period of time and with the aid of beer and other assorted beverages, the two, along with Stu [Guitar/Vocals] decided that rather then drink and listen to music, they should drink and play. Soon, swag of songs in hand, the trio were ready to perform, however, one piece of the Archives puzzle was missing ... drums. Another chance meeting, this time between Adele and Tash [Drums], friends from previous bands, and the line-up was cemented. Archives play melodic-rock with Post-Punk influences, and a desire to explore concepts a little-left of the middle. Having played a handful of well-received gigs in early 2008, they are currently working on expanding their set, spreading the word, and eagerly look forward to seeing shaking booties in the front, and bouncing heads to the rear.