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Sounds like

Veil Of Maya, Necrophagist, The Faceless

band members

Grant Berardi-vocals, Ayden Perry-guitar, James Hicks-guitar, Joe Yates-drums, Daniel Miszczuk-bass


Necrophagist, Veil Of Maya, The Faceless


Perfectly blending the core elements of Technical Death Metal, Progressive and Groove Metal, The Archivist bring an eclectic sound to the Metal genre that is all their own. Forming in 2011, The Archivist aimed to incorporate all their favourite aspects of the metal genre into their music. The band wasted no time in self-recording a three track release, quickly garnering the attention of the Australian metal community. Less than a handful of shows into their short career, the band landed a slot opening for renowned Melbourne-based Progressive Metal band, Circles. Recognizing their talent, Axiom Touring signed the band to their roster not long after the Circles show. In 2012, the band continues to hone their craft as they landed their two biggest supports yet in Industrial Metalers Sybreed and Groove/Death heavyweights Veil of Maya. The future seems bright for the 5 lads from Brisbane as they aim tour Australia, release their full length album and conquer overseas.