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Electronic, Pop

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Devo, Machine Gun Fellatio, hot chip

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Jacob Kinniburgh - Everythings


Africa, Frank Zappa, 80s pop



New video for single, Save You, at ******************** Ardeem hates making mistakes. Sitting in his bedroom for the last 27 years, playing various drums and causing his computer to make strange noises at specific times, Ardeem (known to some as Jacob Kinniburgh) has been slowly working out the perfect plan for the execution of his music career – every detail had to be inspected, considered and carefully put in place, with a guarantee of success, before he could even begin to think about doing it for real. This is why he's been quiet for so long. After spending this time planning, studying, fiddling around with the aforementioned computer and thinking deeply, Ardeem finally came to the realisation that, in seeking ‘perfection’, he was trapped – both in his bedroom and in his mind. Thus, despite his fear, in order to break free and fulfill his need for external validation, he realised that he would have to try. He would have to go outside his bedroom. He would have to make mistakes. Fortunately, his second debut album, I'm a Professional, is not one of those mistakes. It’s so good, in fact, that you may not even be able to tell that it was written by an emotionally-retarded, insecure weirdo. Your new favourite weirdo. He hopes you like it. And him.



11 Dec 2013


Challenging lyri...

Challenging lyrics and great rhythm

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06 Dec 2013


For anyone who&#...

For anyone who's ever been deeply depressed or planning to be. Nailed it with the lyrics and music. PLay it on JJJ for all the SADs out there.

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02 Dec 2013


Stumbled upon an...

Stumbled upon an Ardeem gig and an American soldier on leave at the Workers Club. I now find this song popping into my head on random occasions - and I like that! Who hasn't been guilty of trying to save someone they love from themselves?

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