Artist info


Dance, Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Florence and The Machine, Fiona Apple, Banks

band members

Shannon Curry


Emma Louise, Highasakite, Years and Years, Electric Fields


Arjuna is the creative project of Shan Curry. Singer, songwriter and producer from the Surfcoast, Victoria, Australia.

‘I have been writing and performing in various projects from the age of 13, but nothing compares to Arjuna. This project captures the essence of my heart, like a melodic journal where all of my thoughts float out into the abyss to be experienced by others as a true reflection of myself. It has always been very personal.’

After a 2 year hiatus from social media, she returned to the digital world in July, with a companion, her debut single Rhythms.

She weaves her strong, yet angelic vocals with empowering lyrics to form a unique sound that is authentic, inspiring and catchy. There is an environmental and social undercurrent to her lyrics and an overall passion for the collective wellness of people and planet that can be felt throughout her tracks.

Get to know me on insta: @sheisarjuna