Artist info


Roots, Indie

Sounds like

Little Dragon, Portishead, Cinematic Orchestra

band members

Ange Gadd - vocals/trombone/keys, Hollywood Dave - drums, Miranda Camille - guitar, Steele Chabau - bass, Sanjay Jude - keys


Trip Hop, Jazz, Dub


Ark Room use gentle melodies, gritty horn lines, husky femme vocals and a sprinkling of dubs and effects to create luscious sonic landscapes, dotted with the odd poppy vocal hook. Drawing influences from bands such as Massive Attack, Cinematic Orchestra, Little Dragon and Portishead, the Ark Room combines a love of beauty and space in sound with arrangements that take the listener on a journey. Ark Room members have been known to appear with seminal Brisbane bands Kingfisha, Resin Dogs, Dubmarine and Afro Dizzi Act. Primary songwriter and singer/trombonist Ange Gadd has for the last five years been busy performing in festivals and shows in Taiwan, New Zealand, Nepal and Australia in an eclectic array of originals bands and world music projects, which has given her an extensive pallet of sounds and experiences to draw inspiration from. In the two years since forming, Ark Room have recorded their debut EP Sunrise Spark with the assistance of a Buzz Grant and have performed at many venues and festivals across the East Coast of Australia. They have supported Barons of Tang, Tin Can Radio, Band of Frequencies, McKisko and CC The Cat and in their first year as a band, appeared for five shows at Woodford Folk Festival (09/10).