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Roots, Hip Hop

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Aroldytes Revenge

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Peter Bird - Lead Vocals Jolyon Briggs - Drums/Backing Vocals Dean Giacca - Lead Guitare Renaissance - Bass Guitare Henry "The Event" Shearman - Mascot/Conductor/Interperative Dancer Clive - Idiot



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Renaissance Bird


Aroldytes Revenge is an exciting and innovative Comic Rock band, which have surfaced out of the city of Newcastle. This fast growing band has established themselves at various venues throughout NSW, the hunter region and Sydney during 2005/06. The band started out as a group of school boys in 2001, with the same interests in music and the same zany outlook of life. Places where the band has performed include: The Coca-Cola Live n’Local music festival, The Westpac Helicopter Truck Show, The cat & fiddle, The Lucky Country Hotel, the Cambridge Hotel, The Lass O’Gowrie, Hamilton Station Hotel Various other venues around Sydney, Newcastle and the hunter as well as recently completing an east coast tour of Australia, in which they performed at the PlanetX Games and other large venues. The Band Consists of 5 Members: 4 musicians and 1 mascot/conductor/interpretive dancer, and have a large, ever-growing cult following. The Members are: Peter Bird Lead vocals/special instruments Dean Giacca Lead Guitarist Renaissance Bass Guitarist Jolyon Briggs Drums/ Backing Vocals Henry Shearman Mascot/Conductor/Interpretive Dancer All Members have been professionally trained in all aspects of music and drama and have their own unique performance styles. Aroldytes Revenge interests include various genres of music, beer, sleeping and having a good time.