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Pop, Electronic

band members

Nic Di Lena (Vocals, Samples, Percussion) Louis Rendle O'Shea (Keys, Vocals) Tim Collins (Bass, Keys, Vocals) Steve Judd (Drums)


The project began as two friends, with a mutual affinity for pop, recording their own demos from home. After laying down a plethora of songs with a keen focus on melody and distinct pop sensibilities, they decided it was time to expand. In order to reproduce the tracks live, they recruited a bass player and got to work on arranging and rehearsing the material. The final piece was put into place when, after writing drum parts for the demos, long time friend Steve Judd (Karnivool) was added as a permanent member and The Arsonist was formed. The bands debut EP 'Disguises', engineered by Dave Parkin (Jebediah, Sugar Army, Red Jezebel), pays homage to pop music that has dominated both dance-floors and airwaves for years, all the while effortlessly creating an original brand of upbeat electro-pop that is overtly infectious.