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Electronic, Dance

Sounds like

Daft Punk, gerling, James Gang

band members

D, J, D.


Yellow Magic Orchestra, ac/dc, Justice


There is a reason why night clubs play the music they do: it's the right tempo for dancing, it's got hook lines you can sing along to, and a beat steady enough hypnotise. Art vs. Science not only makes the sort of music played in nightclubs; it is one of the few outfits in Australia which can actually play in night clubs - live. No laptops, no backing tracks, just drums, keyboards, synths and three sets of funky hands. "An expression of their long immersion in the dark, seedy recesses of club-electronica", Art vs Science breathe fresh air into the genre, with an immediate, breath-taking live show, and songs that sound pleasing, joy-inducing; as if meticulously designed, element by element, to intensify user stimulation. Art vs. Science plays, people listen. And they *understand*.

Unearthed in 2008

Splendour In The Grass

12 Jun 2008


Art vs. Science

Art vs. Science

Congratulations to Art vs Science!

They'll be opening the main stage of Splendour In The Grass 2008