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Sounds like

TMV, RHCP, AS, BP, SC, G, TDSINW, *Make up your own mind

band members

Tyran Bowers , Michael Bowers , Darcy Nendick .


The Beatles , Rage Against The Machine , Neil young , The Dead Weather , Bloc party , The Mars Volta , Nirvana ,Bob Dylan Heaps More



‘If the EP is any indication of the innovation and musical individuality THE ARTFULS possess, then much more fantastic music is sure to follow.’ – Andrew Westberry

The Artfuls are a 3 piece rock band from Perth, WA. In December of 2014 the bands first EP ‘Long Trip Home’ was released and was described as an enthralling jaunt through the band’s creative mix of modern and vintage rock and
roll music.

The Artfuls initially formed while all 3 members were in Porto, Portugal, where a brotherhood was born.

While overseas The Artfuls won 1st place in the 2014 band competition held by Cabeças de Cartaz and they also ranked
38th position in PicaRock web radio’s weekly top 100 list.

The band consists of Michael Bowers on lead guitar and vocals, Tyran Bowers on drums and vocals and Darcy Nendick on bass. Between the powerful vocals, mesmerising guitar hooks and intense drums, The Artfuls will leave you wanting more.

These guys have just released the first single 'Life Goes On' From their second EP
which is due to be released in in the coming months, definitely not one
to miss!