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Metal Rock

band members

Chris Hurrell - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, James Clarke - Lead Guitar, Travis Kapor - Drums, Alessio Ricciardi - Bass.


Spawned from the depths of Perth’s blue-collar southern suburbs, this is a band that has a work ethic and a hunger for connection that melds perfectly with metal’s roots. With a precise, hard-hitting and manic live show, The Ascent seize each gig with fervour; they know that dues have to be paid if they want to add another dimension to the Australian metal scene. Since the launch of their debut EP ‘Where Are Your Heroes Now?’ in January 2009, there’s been no letting up in this approach. EP track ‘On this Blade’ was included in the 2009 ‘Kiss My WAMi’ CD, showcasing the best in West Australian music. The EP is the beginning of an upward spiral of gigging, writing and recording which propels The Ascent towards their objectives: consistently worthy songs and fun shows that give punters value for money. Currently, the boys have just released their debut full length CD 'Inception of Salvation' which is been distributed nationally via Sovereign Records.