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Prince, Michael Jackson

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Ash Sin


Prince, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, NSync



What you get after you burn something... Plus an immoral act.
Ashsin would play 3-4 nights a week as a professional bass player to keep himself eating whilst at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) to attain music and education qualifications. Although, he never gave up the practice of writing the way he saw the world.

Influences are always bountiful with inspiration, motivation and musicality being derived from a large variety of singers, musicians and artists; such as Prince, N'Sync, Janet & Michael Jackson, Go West, 5ive, Maxwell, Earth Wind & Fire, M.C. Escher and Craig David.

Now; armed with handfuls of original material, acquired competencies on more instruments and always-developing production skills, Ashsin is set for an early 2017 release - Decisions, Lies and Diamond Skies EP.

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